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What You Need To Know About The Secret Of Ultra Thin Watch

In the industry, for thin and is not standard defines. Have been defined: self-winding mechanical movement in 3mm, the hand-wound mechanical movement within 2mm, quartz movement 1mm; others think: automatic movement 5mm, manually-wound movement within 3mm, the quartz watch can not talk about super thin. Most of the time, except for movement, expertise also in the case of the ultra thin design and materials presented above, only judging from the movement is unable to measure the thickness of watches.

In watchmaking, thickness does not measure a watch movement and to compare the thickness of the case concludes. Movement type is distinct from chains on, automatic movement theory to be thicker than the manual movement, self-winding rotor needs to design the space. Also, functions are not the same, box sizes also vary, so, thickness naturally produces differences in the movement.

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