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What Shape Of Watch Do I Need

What shape of watch do I need

        Finally, we are under the shape of the problem, since the watch is an indispensable decoration of men, then the shape must be the most important, that the shape of the watch is to determine the overall style of the key is not an exaggeration. The main shape of the watch basically three: classic round, elegant square, retro bucket type, which is the most wild shape of the most wild, no matter what type of people are appropriate to wear, but it also means that comparison The public, for the pursuit of individuality, the person can consider the latter. Square is a very need to temper the shape to control, this shape is very suitable for the wrist is not so big Chinese people to wear, it is more elegant and more able to highlight the beauty of the Oriental people restrained. Finally, the barrel type, the shape of the watch is very retro, but also relatively rare, similar to the square watch style, suitable for the pursuit of individuality to wear.

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