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On The Back Of The Watch Is Engraved With People-oriented

On the back of the watch is engraved with "people-oriented".


        According to the South Korean "Central Daily" reported on August 10, South Korea's Presidential Palace Qing Waitai recently opened a carved with Presidential language in the autographed watches and cups. These souvenirs were sent to the petitioners who came to Cheong Wa Dae on June 15th.

It was reported that at that time the Korean watch cooperation union recommended six small and medium enterprises, composed of internal and external experts, the final selection of the evaluation committee. This watch has been a symbol of the status and power of the watch has been meaning, involving simple but novel.

     The watch is above the symbol of the Cheong Wa Dae Phoenix logo, the bottom engraved in the autographed in the Yin. The back of the watch and the box engraved with representatives of the political philosophy in the Yin "people-oriented" four words. In addition, the "president" of the words of the label is not golden, but the choice of rose gold, the pointer also used rose gold, breaking the past practice. The use of recycled paper box, showing the Cheong Wa Dae in environmental protection and resource recycling and other environmental policy to make a model. The overall design of the theme of Tai Chi, the box used inside the blue, red, a symbol of the Republic of Korea. (Internship compilation: Dong Li peer review: Li Tingting).

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