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Call Positioning Will Produce Radiation Children's Phone Watch Do Not Wear Long-wear

          Call positioning will produce radiation children's phone watch do not wear long-wear

"No matter where you are, a phone, find you right away" With this ad hit,children's phone watches are popular with children and parents. However, a news online that children's phone watch radiation is greater than the phone, so that parents worry about endless.

Recently, the reporter in the city of Hong Kong Street toy wholesale store to see the shelves of children's phone watches have a lot of styles, and sales have been fairly stable, when parents give their children to buy a phone watch, the boss is enthusiastic introduction, When the reporter asked whether there is radiation, the boss is simply to answer, "not much radiation, certainly much smaller than the phone.

Many shopping malls also have children's phone watches in the sale, different brands of telephone watch shape roughly the same, the function is similar, the price of more than four hundred yuan, according to the sales staff, "very welcome by the parents." When a reporter asked the radiation, the clerk Said, "the radiation is much smaller than the phone." Reporters saw a person who is buying a phone watch, under the guidance of the staff trial. Reporters noted that this phone watch in similar products in the price is relatively high, you can touch the screen, in addition to call, positioning, as well as voice chat and other functions. Clerk said that in the normal standby state, the watch antenna is not the initiative to issue radiation, only to receive the mobile phone base station to convey the parental query positioning, voice and other requirements, will enter the work mode. In addition, most manufacturers are trying to reduce radiation, in addition to health because of environmental protection, but also to increase the watch's standby time.

It is understood that in addition to mobile phones, smart watches, almost all of our daily life household appliances, transport, will produce some radiation. If you panic, life can not go on. However, taking into account the phone watch itself still exists a certain radiation, it is recommended that parents do not want a long time, uninterrupted to monitor the location of the child. For the smart watch, many parents are also very tangled, "the security is assured, afraid of children playing old." A citizen told reporters, "the child through the watch and parents from time to time to talk, but not conducive to school teaching, Children are more dependent on their parents. "

In addition, some parents pointed out that if the child wearing a direct position to wash their hands, watch the water after the charge, there may be dangerous. More seriously, because the watch inside the installation of information transmission software, if the watch itself loopholes, easily used by criminals, leading to children's daily action trajectory exposure. Therefore, the purchase of such products, the parents of the best use of the relevant certification mark the product, the parents of the child's safety, or through a reasonable way to grasp the whereabouts of the child to ensure the safety of children.


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