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Blue Dial Watches Another Fresh And Comfortable

Arceau Leste Attelage c é watch is the figure of a beautiful star, down to the stars of the glittering stars, Hermes iconic carriage designs is still unique. Hermès workshops, a senior craftsman ride old Grand sheet metal inlay ornaments AREVA Luang process (paillonn e enamel) to dial into. Craftsman first in gold dial Shang carved out based since Hermes official jewelry box of pattern, then fill Shang transparent blue AREVA Luang powder, then in close Celsius 800 degrees high temperature of kiln in the anti-covered fired; while, craftsman more will personally making star shaped gold sheet, in fired process will be of one by one embedded in AREVA Luang surface in the, makes night blue stars of picture more with depth and the icing.

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